Visit the Carnaval festival from 12 February 2016 until 21 February 2016!

About 10 minutes by taxi from the guesthouse or around 15 minutes by Djakarta!

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Discover the Soul of Africa

Welcome to guesthouse Diabatalo in Abene, a small coastal village in the most fertile and green part of Senegal – the Casamance.

In Abene, you may relax in tranquil surroundings or have an adventure. The choice is yours. Enjoy the wonderful empty beaches and the warm water of the Atlantic Ocean, the impressive forests with uncountable exotic birds or make an excursion to the inland to discover traditional tribes and ways of living. Or have fun with djembé drumming, African dance or batik workshops.

Africa: mysterious and exciting, but also relaxed and beautiful.

As of may 1st, Senegal requires no visa anymore.