Agally avec Mieke

In 2007 I first visited West-Africa and liked it immediately. With a couple of friends I went exploring The Gambia and Senegal and fell completely in love with Agally in the beautiful Casamance in South Senegal. When in 2009 I was given the opportunity to buy along with a friend of mine a piece of land in Abene the decision was quickly made.


Abene is an artistic and lively village. The area of the guesthouse is over an acre in size, with a variety of palm trees, banana trees, other fruit trees and flowers. As an encore in the back a piece of authentic jungle.


Because I have the opportunity to spend six months a year in Africa, I decided to open a guesthouse and run this with my partner Agally and staff.

The building of the guesthouse was a journey in itself. The land already had a big house, with an open kitchen, living area, large bathroom and three bedrooms. And an annexe with four simple rooms. To start off two traditional African round houses were build next to the main house, to receive guests who appreciate some privacy.

Then we transformed the building that stood on the front of the property, on the roadside, into a bar and eatery. An inviting place to meet people. There also came a good fence with a nice gate. The friendly residents of the village were very involved in the activities and are always helpful.

Guesthouse Diabatalo is named after the great dialotree on the property. The wood is used for medicins and it is a strong material for roofs.


Meanwhile Diabatalo has transformed into a delightful paradise that we want to share with our guests. Every year we hope to receive new guests to show them the beauty of Africa in al its simplicity and prosperity. Come join us to taste the fantastic atmosphere in a truly stunning setting in the knowledge that we have many happy returning guests.


The Diabatalo team consists of Mieke (hostess), Agally (manager and partner of Mieke), Afang (gardener and builder), Mariama (cook) and Djeneba (who does the laundry).