Guesthouse Diabatalo


Enjoy, learn, experience and get to know another world

"We gladly invite you to come to Senegal to get to know the country that we fell in love with."

So what can you do? We offer you many excursions and trips. Every excursion covers a different theme like: discovering the enviroment, go camping for a night, get to know other people, relax, learn more about the animalworld in Senegal, or visit one of the cultural villages in the surroundings, like Mlomp and Kafoutine. Mlomp is a special village where you can learn everything about the self-willed ostrich, but you could also go to Kafountine where you can discover an amazing fishmarket. If you’re interested in culture and knowdlege  then you should go to the island Boune where you can experience with your own eyes why the Catholic Dialo, a minorty of Senegal that lives on the Boune island, is so special. This is just a small grip of all the excursions that we offer.

"Nothing is obligated, everything is possible."

Nothing is obligated, everything is possible. The people of Guesthouse Diabatalo can arrange everything for you. We are surrounded by different villages like Mlomp, Casamance, Niokolo Koba and other names that you probably can’t pronounce (yet). What’s also very special about Senegal is that the people speak many languages: Wolof, Madinkpo, Dialo, Serej and Peul.


Another outstanding feature of Senegal is the wildlife. Senagal has many animals like monkeys, birds, hippo’s and crocodiles. We offer excursions where you can learn everything about the animals and you can even try to photograph them, but good luck with that, because they don’t like to pose! Did you also know that Casamance is famous for their variety of birds?

"The jungle of Casamanca is very different than your home"

Did you ever thought about meeting the tradional people of Basse Casamance? The best thing is that the people of Basse Casamance are also curious about. Go on a safari-trips to the national park du Niokolo-koba where you can sleep a night in the jungle. From the houses in the jungle or  from the hotel  Simenti you can hear the animal sounds from monkeys, birds and hippos, or maybe even a reebok will keep you awake. In some occasions you could even hear the leopard roaring, but this is very rare. The jungle of Casamanca is very different than your home, listen to the sounds of the animals from the comfort of your safe bed.

"Guesthouse Diabatalo, can arrange for you a sleep over at a home of Senegalese family."

If you only want a bit of comfort and see the city then we offer you the city Ziguinchior, it’s not too far away and it’s definitly worth a visit. The beautiful coastline from Casamance is also an amanzing place for luxery and comfort. There are resorts, hotels and you could even find there a club, called club Med. We defenitly recommend you the fismarket in Kafoutine. The market stimulates all your senses, it’s also an amazing spectacle to see the man running around with big baskets filled with fish on their head. There is also a Guesthouse Casa full of ambiance managed by an Italian and his wife from Senegal. If you want to dive even deeper in the senegal traditions and culture then we, the Guesthouse Diabatalo, can arrange for you a sleep over at a home of Senegalese family.

"Don't hestitate to ask anything."

Don’t hestitate to ask anything, we are also open to hear about suggestions or ideas. The team of the Guesthouse Diabatalo are here to help you and to provide you with the best experience possible.


Oh and btw, we forgot to talk about the bikes that are waiting for our guest, the fishing rods that you can use to catch big fishes, whereupon we can roasted them on the barbecue or on the campfire while we are enjoy the sunset. Because everybody has his own wishes and preferences we always strive to provide you with the best tailerod excursions. Have you become curious? Ask us for more information.